Visa Application Form

♦ Passport Copy(At least 6 months valid from the date of travel)
♦ Passport size picture
♦ Visa processing takes 7-10 working days or more depending on Immigration
♦ Passport holder must be 19 years old above to process the application, otherwise it must be applied with a relative with the same surname or with the birth certificate to prove the relationship if not the same surname. Send us first the passport copy to verify.
♦ The UAE tourist visa holder should exit the country before the visa expires otherwise overstay charges will be applied from the daily Overstay implemented by Immigration.
♦ If the visa holder overstay for 1-15 days,AED 1,000 will be charged.
♦ If the visa holder overstay for more than 15 days, absconding case will be fined and AED 6,000 will be charged to the requestor.
♦ Visa application once submitted to the Immigration is chargeble/non-refundable (rejected/cancelled)
♦ Approval is at the sole discretion of the Immigration Officials
♦ Bearer of entry permit is not allowed to work paid or unpaid.
♦ Orginal entry permit shall be submitted to the entry inlet before person arrival.
♦ In case the client overstay and didn't paid his oversaty while leaving the country, Immigration will charge the company all the over stay fees and 1200.00 AED processing Fees

I agree to the terms and conditions
By Submitting the form you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions mentioned above.